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We provide a wide range of legal services with emphasis on the following areas of law:


Litigation & Arbitration

Resolving civil and criminal litigation efficiently.

As one of the leading developing countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has experienced rapid economic growth and has become one of the major hub for businesses and industries to expand their network in Asia. With its complex legal system and regulations, every business needs an experienced lawyer who is well versed in the laws and local judicial structures. At Arkananta Vennootschap, our team of lawyers has extensive experience with complex civil and criminal litigations across a wide variety of industries, enabling us to assess problems, manage risks, and provide creative and strategic solutions to resolve conflicts in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Not only do our lawyers possess a high comprehension of regulatory frameworks for various industries, they are also accomplished lawyers who have successfully represented and defended clients from large and small businesses to individuals.

Our key practice areas include:

  • Commercial Dispute
    Commercial and corporate law can be highly complex, and it is important to seek legal advice before taking any major business action. Our lawyers have considerable knowledge in a wide range of commercial dispute, and we focus our work in providing effective legal solutions to help protect your business and minimise the risks of further legal disputes in the future. We understand that prevention is important, therefore we work together with our clients to help anticipate and support you by advising you on the appropriate legal measures to take while also working to minimise damage to your business.
  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency, Debt Restructuring, Arbitration
    Our pragmatic team of lawyers has sucessfully handled all matters surrounding bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, debt restructuring and most importantly, the recovery of funds, assets and property. Our experience in international arbitration also gave us an extensive expertise in advising our clients on complex legal issues that cross multiple jurisdictions.
  • Criminal Law
    At Arkananta Vennootschap, we have extensive experience advising clients facing criminal investigations in white collar crimes that involves government investigations and enforcement proceedings. Our clients range from major corporations to individuals, and we are fully committed in our work to provide solid legal strategies every step of the way in the criminal justice system.

Corporate & Commercial

Protecting your business at every stage of the way.

As a boutique law firm, corporate and commercial law is the largest part of our practice. Our resourceful, experienced lawyers always strive to provide clients with the most effective legal solutions to resolve various legal issues, ranging from companies set up, business contracts, business licences, to merger & acquisitions. Along with the fast-developing landscape of modern business and finance industries nowadays, we deeply understand the importance of having a legal representation who can adapt quickly and be able to provide well-rounded legal advice. At Arkananta Vennootschap, we continuously explore and integrate these changes into our expert service.



Managing the employment aspects of your business with ease.

For companies and corporations, one of the most crucial part of the business is employment issues. From contractual dispute, workers' compensation, termination of employment, to other work-related matters, our expert lawyers advise a broad range of clients on managing the employment law aspects to adhere with social, economic, and regulatory changes according to the local and state law of Indonesia. Our proven track records in employment law practice is one of Arkananta Vennootschap's core strengths, marking our boutique law firm as one of the best in employment law. We give advice and practical assessments about personnel policies and compliance along with counselling service to face any litigation exposure that may arise.


Intellectual Property Rights

Safeguarding your hard work against infringement.

Along with the rising competitiveness of business environment today, innovation takes places at a blistering pace. Protecting your assets, including intangible assets such as intellectual property has become undeniably essential. Arkananta Vennootschap boutique law firm provides strategic advice for clients on obtaining and protecting valuable intellectual property rights, from patents and trademarks to copyrights. Our expert lawyers with extensive trial experience have represented clients ranging from large global corporations to startups and individual inventors across a broad range of industries.


Property, Real Estate & Environmental

Handling various real estate and development matters for your business.

Our lawyers are well trained in real estate practice, having previously represented some of the biggest multinational companies, developers, and business inventors in a broad spectrum of complex real estate transactions all over Indonesia. We offer a comprehensive service related to acquisitions and dispositions, leasing and lending, land and property disputes, and also including assistance in obtaining license and environmental permits for new business development.


Anti - Monopoly and Unfair Business Competition

Involving in competition law allegation could be a nightmare due to its legal risks.

Violation of such may trigger a significant effect to the business operation thus makes anti-monopoly becomes a growing issue on local as well as global business practices. In the meantime, the field of competition law is very complex because it combines various economic instruments into legal concepts. Arkananta Vennootschap provides legal services to companies in advising the prevention and resolution of all competition issues including monopoly practice, abuse of dominant position, conspiracy, share ownership, merger/acquisition/consolidation or oligopoly, cartel, closed agreements, price fixing, as well as other anti-trust related issues. Our Team is an expert and have represented clients in the examination stages at the Business Competition Supervisory Commission District Court and Supreme Court, in high profiled and national and international wide range anti-trust cases.